Hu Research Group


Base on rational molecular design strategy, our research addresses problems in applied chemistry, particularly, in polymer chemistry and material science. Inspired by the structural beauty of some nature products, we utilize well developed methods in organic synthesis to provide bottom-up solutions to challenging problems in novel functionalized materials.

Our research work spreads in these area: a) new polymerization methods development; b) synthesis of specially functionalized monomers; c) nanostructured carbon materials for energy harvest and storage; d) polymeric materials for optoelectronic applications; e) metallosurfactants for highly efficient MRI contrast agents; f) designing new enediyne based antibiotics and application of them in medicinal application, etc.


Currently, our work is focused on the following two subjects:

1)         Bergman cyclization in polymer chemistry, material science and medicinal chemistry.


2)         Fabrication of highly efficient MRI contrast agents with Gd(III)-complex containing metallosurfactants.


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