Hu Research Group


We are pleased to acknowledge the following funding and awards for supporting our research

*      ECUST Starting Funding for “Specially Appointed Professor”

*      National Natural Science Foundation of China (20704013, 20874026, 91023008, 21274042, 21474027, 21674035)

*      New Century Excellent Talents in University, MOE (NCET080773)

*      Shanghai “Eastern Scholar” Program (2011) and follow-up (2015)

*      Shanghai “Pujiang” Program (07PJ14024)

*      Shanghai “Shuguang” Plan (07SG33

*      The Open-Funding from Shanghai Key Laboratory of Advanced Polymeric Materials

*      The National Special Fund for State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering (2060204)

*      The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities